A horror thriller project about a bride has caught Screen Gems' eye.

The studio has picked up a project that counts Evil Dead series creator Sam Raimi among its producers, THR reports. Blair Butler is set to write the script, while Raimi, Robert Tapert, and Emile Gladstone will produce. Raimi and Tapert will do so via Ghost House Pictures.

Between them, they've all worked on some terrifying flicks. Butler co-wrote "Hell Fest" and the recent "Polaroid." Rami and Tapert have collaborated on the Evil Dead movies as well as the Starz series "Ash vs Evil Dead." Meanwhile, Gladstone produced 2019's "The Curse of La Llorona."

We don't know much about this latest project. The basic plot, however, involves a destination wedding gone wrong, per THR. It sounds like it will fit right in at Screen Gems; the Sony Pictures division is known for primarily producing and distributing horror films. Some recent ones include "The Possession of Hannah Grace," "Searching," and "Slender Man."

[via: THR]