As Michael Moore put it, 'NEVER AGAIN will it be referred to as 'gay marriage'. It's now called 'marriage.' #SCOTUSMarriage." Amen!

Today is a historic day on that front, since a new U.S. Supreme Court ruling made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Pretty much everyone -- famous or not -- has been reacting online, but some reactions are too good not to share. Here's the most adorable confetti celebration from actors Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi:

Sir Ian also tweeted his own reaction:

Bless him. And here's a great one from the official "Game of Thrones" account, referencing the character of Renly Baratheon, who was (secretly, but not so secretly) gay and in love with Ser Loras Tyrell, although he married Loras' sister Margaery because that's what he was expected to do:

The best part of that one is the irony of welcoming more marriages on "Game of Thrones," a show known for killing and/or torturing people at weddings. But that's what equality is all about -- giving everyone an opportunity to be miserable with their spouse of choice. Congrats!

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