It's not the *most dramatic* feud ever, but Oscar-winning filmmaker "The Bachelor" host responded on Twitter.

Michael Moore is known for his political documentaries/opinion pieces, and he can't stand Donald Trump. No shock there. But Harrison was surprised to see his own name thrown into Moore's AlterNet post bashing Trump.Harrison, who is currently "hosting" ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise," tweeted a highlighted copy of the insult:

At least he's taking it well, adding his own suspicion that Moore is a secret Bachelor Nation superfan, and knows exactly who Harrison is, and how many roses are left on the stand:

It's true. Moore is not fooling anyone. You don't randomly name-drop Chris Harrison, then act like you don't know who he is. That's very junior high -- "I don't care about [BIGGEST CRUSH]" -- and suggests Michael Moore is devouring every tragic minute of "Bachelor in Paradise," probably rooting for the perpetual underdogs, like Evan and Ashley I. Just a theory.

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