Yada yada yada, b*tch! The Internet has done it again, giving us the "Seinfeld" and "Breaking Bad" mashup we never knew we needed. We did know we wanted a better ending for "Seinfeld" than the one we got, but combining Bryan Cranston's roles on both shows and re-imagining the ending as a revenge play from dentist Tim Whatley/Walter White? Genius!

YouTuber David Elmaleh (who also made the brilliant video "The Hunger Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Must Die") created "Seinfeld - The Exclusive Alternate Ending," which expertly shows how Cranston's character(s) would take offense at Jerry Seinfeld's cancer joke and get payback. Watch him thwart Jerry and the gang as they attempt to avoid prison time. Let this be a lesson to rabid Anti-Dentites everywhere:

That laugh track at the end is chilling. Just chilling.

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