Live from L.A., it's "Saturday Night" with Spicey! "Saturday Night Live" on April 15th, with the White House Press Secretary dressed as an Easter Bunny and "apologizing" for his recent gaffes.

It was the first episode to be live from coast-to-coast -- usually "SNL" is just live for Eastern and Central viewers. However, Vulture confirmed that McCarthy's segment was actually taped live in Los Angeles, not in the NYC studio.

McCarthy teased as much in an Instagram clip captioned "Spicey gone wild!!! #LiveFromLA." A source told Vulture the show shipped the Spicer costume out to the West Coast ahead of time, with the sketch telecast live from an L.A. studio, and McCarthy also doing her dress rehearsal remotely from L.A.

Vulture added:

"I'm told this isn't the first time the show has shot something live in L.A. (so, not including pre-tapes and video pieces), though it is extremely rare. McCarthy being out of the 30 Rock studio is why this version of the sketch got relatively less response from the audience, and why it seemed like her pacing wasn't exactly matching up with the laughs. (There wasn't an audience in the L.A. studio.)"

We don't yet know if the show plans on using this approach as a permanent work-around to the logistical challenge of having given high-profile impressions to busy movie stars."

Watch the sketch:
Former SNL-er Jimmy Fallon hosted the Easter weekend show, with Harry Styles as musical guest.

Here are a few more videos from the night:'

"SNL" will continue its live coast-to-coast episodes on May 6, with Chris Pine as host. Then McCarthy returns to host the May 13 episode, then Dwayne Johnson closes the season on May 20.

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