Spider-Man: Homecoming Photocall - LondonSeriously, Underoos? Mr. Stark would be appalled.

"Spider-Man" star Tom Holland shared a video on Instagram Stories revealing his newly broken nose. That poor nose has been broken twice before, just in the past couple of years -- once while he filmed the 2016 movie "The Lost City of Z," and a few months ago in August while filming "Chaos Walking." This new break is reportedly also from "Chaos Walking" -- an all-too-appropriate title at this point -- the sci-fi film Holland had been making with Nick Jonas and Daisy Ridley.

Holland looks seriously beat up in his new video, joking, "Who said acting was easy, huh? Broken nose No. 3. What a way to finish a movie."

At least he's done, and can't break it again for this same movie. (Unless he returns for reshoots.)

There was speculation that this break was for "Avengers 4," but it does seem like it's for "Chaos Walking" instead. Either way, his Spidey sense must be wonky, 'cause it is not normal for anyone to break their nose this many times.

"Chaos Walking" is currently scheduled for release on March 1, 2019.

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