spider-gwen, emma stone, amazing spider-manSick and tired of boys getting all the attention -- and fresh off the success of a new Marvel comic series -- the folks at Vulture have reimagined Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy character as the actual hero of the "Amazing Spider-Man" series, with some pretty awesome results.

The fake trailer for "Spider-Gwen," based on the comic of the same name, centers on Gwen (Stone, with an assist from body double and cosplayer Julianne Cancalosi), who's bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. In voiceover cobbled from various Stone flicks (including the Oscar-winning "Birdman," which also supplies some footage that doubles as "Spider-Man" villain the Vulture), Gwen explains what it's like for a teenager to suddenly be giving such great powers -- especially a teen who just happens to have such a powerful policeman for a father.

It's a little choppy in places, but then again, it's not a real movie -- which is a real shame. The fact of the matter is that there have been so few quality depictions of female superheroes on the big screen; that this looks so entertaining, and doesn't even exist, is the real crime.

Check out the awesomeness for yourself below. Can someone start a petition to get "Spider-Gwen" into theaters?

[via: Vulture]

Photo credit: YouTube