"The Middle" has ended, but it's a new beginning for Sue Heck (Eden Sher). You already knew ABC was giving Sue Heck her own spinoff, right? Well, now that spinoff has an official title -- and another key character returning from "The Middle."

First, The Hollywood Reporter revealed the title is "Sue Sue in the City." Yep, that's two Sues to reflect Sue's full name of Sue Sue Heck (and now Donohue).

The spinoff sends Sue off to Chicago to start her career after college. And now we know her BFF Brad Bottig (Brock Ciarlelli) will be joining her. Brad was a recurring character in "The Middle," appearing in 56 episodes across the nine season run. Now he'll be a regular along with star Eden Sher.

We already know what the future holds for Sue (Sue) Heck since "The Middle" series finale flashed forward to show that she eventually married neighbor Sean Donohue. So "Sue Sue in the City" will be filling in the blanks of her story up to that point -- and maybe beyond.

So far, this spinoff only has a pilot order, so we have to stay tuned to see if it gets picked up to series and when it would premiere on ABC.

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