Tessa Thompson is on a serious hot streak -- from "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Westworld" to "Creed," "Annihilation," and the buzzy upcoming movie "Sorry to Bother You."

But at heart she's just a girl who loves goats. And now she's a girl happily being compared to goats on Twitter.

Thompson recently told ShortList that goats are her favorite animals:

"I'm really, really fond of goats. I want to adopt a pygmy goat and name it Gal Dagoat, because Wonder Woman rocks. Goats are huge now, on the internet, but I've been a fan for ages. It's like when your favorite indie band starts getting recognition. I'm happy, but also... stay away from my goats, you know?"

Her fans doubled-down on the goat love, with someone creating a Twitter feed devoted to "tessa as goats." Tessa approved:

She asked everyone to follow the account, and other fans picked up the baton and created their own side-by-side Tessa as goats comparisons:

ADORABLE. The blue dress one is just next level.

This is her thing now, so she has to prepare for getting goat comparison tweets from now until eternity. But there are worse fates.

Tessa Thompson's "Sorry to Bother You" opens in theaters July 6th. "Creed II" opens November 21st. "Westworld" Season 2 premieres April 22nd on HBO.

[Via: HuffPost]

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