Welcome to the future of porn: VHS.

HBO dropped a teaser for the third and final season of "The Deuce," the drama co-created by "The Wire's" David Simon and George Pelecanos, which explores the rise of the sex industry in 1970s and 1980s New York.

The teaser kicks off on New Year's Day 1984. The porn industry is experiencing a revolution thanks to VHS players, and the Martino brothers (both played by James Franco) are taking full, financial advantage. So is Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who preens as someone tells her, "The camera loves you."

But VHS isn't the only thing changing the industry — so is the effort to clean up Times Square.

"The Deuce" is concluding at the end of this season, which has always been the plan, as Franco told Collider in 2017.

"It gives it this perfectly encapsulated, very concise, economical power punch feeling to it," he noted. "From the beginning, the plan was to cover 14 years ... The third season will be '84-'85 when everything imploded and the old 42nd Street was shut down by Mayor [Ed] Koch."

Season 3 is promoting several recurring cast members to series regulars: David Krumholtz (as porn producer Harvey Wasserman), Daniel Sauli (as mob associate Tommy Longo), Sepidah Moafi (as sex worker Loretta) and Olivia Luccardi (as sex worker Melissa).

"The Deuce" Season 3 premieres Monday, September 9 on HBO.