Mario Lopez

Courtesy of Netflix

There's a new Netflix original series on the way: "The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia."

The live-action family comedy series comes from co-creators Mario Lopez and Seth Kurland, and centers on a STEM prodigy named Ashley (Paulina Chavez). Although she's only 15, the teen is a robotics engineer and rocket scientist who gets a chance to work for NASA. When she moves across the country for the gig, she moves in with her irresponsible ex pro football player uncle, Victor (Jencarlos Canela).

Lopez described the story as "universal" and "family-friendly ... with a Latin flavor!" Netflix previously was home of the comedy series "One Day at a Time," which also focused on a Hispanic family. When the streamer canceled the show in March in a "very difficult decision," it sparked criticism from fans calling for greater Latinx representation.

The addition of "The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia" to Netflix's slate doesn't bring back "One Day at a Time," but it does help with the representation problem and may also help fill the void in fans' hearts.