Lucille has been a very bad girl, but "The Walking Dead" has been pretty darn good at keeping the truth of her rampage under wraps.

Season 7 will premiere in October, but the show is currently shooting Episode 3 out of 16. So, that must mean the big reveal of who Negan killed is already shot and in the can. Right? Probably, but even the super-sleuths at The Spoiling Dead Fans don't have answers on what happened, despite fans wanting desperately to know if their favorite was the target or not.

TSDF has a history of getting a lot of spoilery details -- thanks to people in Georgia who spot the cast and crew filming -- and they are still sharing rumors and unconfirmed sightings, plus details on what should be some Ezekiel at The Kingdom scenes for Episode 3. However, they have been quieter on the spoiler front than usual this season, and it doesn't appear to be an accident. TWD has gone into stealth mode, shooting more scenes in a studio rather than out in full view of the public. That's probably a smart move, even if fans think it will become obvious by the time October rolls around -- when they will be deep into filming the second half of the season -- who is still around and who is gone.

Fans suspect even more stealth moves than just filming in a studio, including perhaps multiple scenes shot, and some false trails to mislead any potential spoilers.

Here's one such conversation on the topic:

Here's the reply from TSDF:

Guess what, though? Even spoiler fans kinda love that Season 7 is still a secret. Here's a comment with several "agreed!" responses:

If you still want some unconfirmed spoilers, just not on Negan's victim, there are tidbits on TSDF about a certain popular character possibly being seen with Dwight, Negan and other Saviors at The Sanctuary (The Saviors's base). And in more "confirmed" news, TVLine just reported on a casting call for "Rogers," described as "a straight-talking horseman who sounds a lot like [Ezekiel's] right-hand man, Richard."

AMC is doing things differently this season, probably because of the Season 6 finale's major cliffhanger, but in the past they have released first footage and behind-the-scenes interviews right about now, in advance of the major trailer they always drop at Comic-Con. So ... stay tuned for something official, eventually.

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