Hit NBC family drama "This Is Us" has always had an ambitious approach to storytelling, weaving a sprawling tale that bounces between several different time periods. But according to creator Dan Fogelman, the end of that narrative is in sight, as the upcoming season three finale signals an important marker for the series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fogelman chatted about what fans can expect from this week's finale episode. The "This Is Us" cast and crew have already teased that the installment will provide answers to many of fans' burning questions from this season, and according to Fogelman, this episode also indicates how much more we'll see of the Pearson clan.

"I think we're roughly in the middle of where the television series is going to go," the producer explained to THR. "We never set out to make a television series that was going to last 18 seasons, and so we have a very direct plan. I have script pages I have written and I'm writing that really are deep, deep, deep into the future. ... [W]here you find the characters right now, you're in the middle of their story."

Fogelman went on to say that he thinks the series will run for a few more seasons -- likely through season six -- though its future isn't entirely certain yet, since it still hasn't been renewed for a fourth season. (THR reports that the hold-up is likely due to some behind the scenes restructuring, stemming from the recently completed merger of Disney and Fox. The former 20th Century Fox TV -- now Disney 20th Century -- produces the show.)

Star Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) told THR that "something new is birthed in the finale," adding that the episode is "a culmination of everything."

"We get a glimpse into the future, we see the past, and certain things are resolved maybe in ways that we like, maybe in ways that we don't like," she continued.

Whether or not that spells doom for Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth's marriage remains to be seen (we're dreading the D-word), but Fogelman said the episode would definitely deliver on the drama.

"Our characters are all finding themselves as we near what I like to consider kind of our midpoint of the TV series," he told THR. "They're at some real crossroads. And I think when you're at a crossroads, your emotions tend to be most raw and your situations tend to be extreme."

The "This Is Us" season three finale airs Tuesday, April 2 on NBC.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]