Almost nothing gets past eagle-eyed "This Is Us" viewers, who are still sorting through the clues to the unfolding "her" mystery from the season two finale. And while season three has so far supplied only one scene addressing that storyline, it provided enough fodder to fuel wild speculation once more.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, producers broke down one key clue from the season three premiere, which featured a dejected-looking Toby (Chris Sullivan) sitting alone in what appeared to be a hotel room -- without Kate, and more tellingly, without a wedding ring. Randall calls his (ex?) brother-in-law and asks him to come downstairs, telling Toby, "She wants you to be there."

So is "she"/"her" Kate? Are she and Toby divorced? What gives? According to executive producer Elizabeth Berger, there's definitely a reason behind every clue packed into that scene.

"We know our fans, and that they watch really carefully, and we make our decisions really carefully," Berger told EW, "so people are noticing the right things to notice."

And creator Dan Fogelman put things even more plainly: "We don’t do anything unintentionally," he told EW.

Fogelman continued:

“Nothing is done haphazardly. People may not love every single decision that is made but the decisions are made carefully. I don’t think people read into things too much — I think they’re reading into things the proper amount.”

Sullivan was similarly evasive, coyly telling tell EW that the "her" mystery was "a well-constructed storyline." And that storyline will certainly have a conclusion, one that's approaching much quicker than the two-season stretch tip-toeing around the circumstances of Jack's death.

“We are really, really conscious of trying to walk that tightrope and toe the line between being exciting and having a bit of mystery to our show, and dragging things out too long and frustrating people,” Aptaker explained to EW. “We’re trying to be really, really carefully calibrated about when we reveal things in a way that’s going to be really satisfying and not tedious.”

Fans will just have to continue tuning in to find out more. "This Is Us" airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]