Any time there's A-game trolling in the MCU, Tom Holland will be involved.

Holland (Spider-Man) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) both stepped up their games for what we're now declaring Infinity Week. New "Avengers: Infinity War" magazine covers and photos just came out, and the long-awaited trailer debuts Wednesday, Nov. 29 on "Good Morning America."

An official new "Avengers" poster also came out, and Holland chose to reveal it on Instagram Live, while also trolling Mark Ruffalo.

As you probably know, Ruffalo (Hulk) accidentally live-streamed the start of "Thor: Ragnarok" during the premiere. He's taken a lot of ribbing for that spoiler. Holland took another shot at him in his Instagram video, opening a box he claimed was from Ruffalo, featuring the new "Infinity War" poster. Holland read from a sheet while a "Confidential: Do Not Share" sign faced the camera. He then shared mock horror at the idea of sharing the poster when he wasn't supposed to.

Marvel seemed to be in on the gag, and Mark Ruffalo appreciated it too:

Marvel also shared the poster:

Speaking of Tom Holland, though, his name also came up when Chris Pratt decided to troll both male costars sharing his new Vanity Fair magazine cover.

Pratt's Instagram post started out with pure excitement about being featured, but quickly got "surreal," ending with a hilarious plea for Tom Holland to contact Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) to rescue Pratt from the astral plane:

I had a pretty surreal photo shoot while filming #avengers #infinitywar We took this photo (which will appear on the cover of some issues of @vanityfair) We also shot a "Marvel 10th Anniversary Class Photo" which included just about anyone that's ever been in the 22 Marvel movies made in that time! That was really something. I kept looking around, flabbergasted. So many big stars. So many awesome actors. It was a real "pinch me," moment. So naturally I pinched Benedict Cumberbatch and he was so in character he literally opened up a portal to the astral plane! I was like "whoa!" And then he pushed me in! At first it was cool. But now I'm starting to get concerned. I've been here for hundreds of years. As you know from seeing Dr. Strange time is kinda tricky in the Astral plane. I'm hoping he'll contact me soon to let me out? I don't know if he has Instagram. Someone tell him? I know @tomholland2013 follows me. Can you tell him Tom? Hope he didn't forget about me. I love being in Marvel movies. I'd hate to miss the premiere of #infinitywar next summer.

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This cast is just too much fun.

Holland's name always comes out of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan's mouths, and it's good to see Holland giving it back to Ruffalo -- and possibly ignoring Pratt as he hangs out in a void. But now it's time for the ladies of Marvel to step up their troll games, too.

The "Infinity War" trailer is going to dominate the universe for the rest of the week. The movie itself opens May 4, 2018.

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