Jamie Hector and Titus Welliver on Prime Video's 'Bosch.'

(L to R) Jamie Hector and Titus Welliver on Prime Video's 'Bosch.' Credit: Aaron Epstein. Copyright: Amazon Studios.

The 'Bosch'-verse is expanding!

Popular police dramas ‘Bosch’ and ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ which both star Titus Welliver as the title character, has two new shows in development at Amazon Studios, further expanding its world. As spinoffs in TV becomes more popular, Bosch’s two new shows will focus on Detective Jerry Edgar and new character Detective Renee Ballard.

Inspired by bestselling author Michael Connelly’s novels centered around LA detective Harry Bosch, its flagship show is the longest-running original series on Prime Video with seven seasons. 'Bosch: Legacy' was renewed for a second season before the first episode was released on Freevee and Prime Video.

The first spinoff series, the 'Untitled J. Edger' project will focus on Harry Bosch’s former partner, Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) who is tapped for an undercover FBI mission in Little Haiti, Miami. In this glamorous city, he is forced to balance his new life with the gritty underbelly of the city, while being chased by his mysterious past.

Jamie Hector on Prime Video's 'Bosch.'

Jamie Hector on Prime Video's 'Bosch.' Credit: Lacey Terrell. Copyright: Amazon Studios.

The next series, the 'Untitled Renee Ballard' show centers around Detective Renee Ballard, who is tasked with running the LAPD’s new cold case division. Beyond simply investigating unsolved crimes, Renee is dedicated to bridging credibility to the department and justice to the community. Having learned from retired ally and mentor Harry Bosch, Renee does things her own way - solving cases in unconventional ways while navigating the politics of being a woman on the rise in the LAPD.

The character Renee Ballard has not yet appeared on the 'Bosch' or 'Bosch: Legacy,' therefore the role has not been cast.

For such a successful show, it’s no wonder the studio wants to expand the world. As we can see from series such as ‘Yellowstone’, ‘Dexter’, and ‘Billions’, building out the world of an existing series is the current trend. No word yet on whether the new shows will be for Prime Video, Freevee, or both.

Jamie Hector on Prime Video's 'Bosch.'

Jamie Hector on Prime Video's 'Bosch.' Credit: Hopper Stone. Copyright: Amazon Studios.