"Arrow" star American Ninja Warrior." The actor, who does a lot of his own stunts on the CW superhero series, easily conquered the obstacle course. He ably leaped and swung his way through each challenge, including the tough triple fly-wheel set-up.

The fans were screaming and the commentators gushing: "He's 6'1" and just solid muscle!... He's only had a little training on these obstacles. This is just natural athletic ability! Fan boys all across America are losing the minds." Not to mention the fan girls!

After triumphantly completing the course, he announced he wanted to do one more, continuing on to an even tougher course to do the Salmon Ladder, a cinch for the star since that's what TV alter ego Oliver Queen trains on. After going on to one more challenge, he thanked the crowd -- and then dropped into the pool.

Amell raised $30,000 for Red Nose Day.

Also competing last evening for charity: Derek Hough, Mena Suvari and Natalie Morales.