"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday night, and earned a sad 0 for 2 in a game of "The Whisper Challenge."

The Aussie first missed "Bondi Beach," which you might've expected her to get since it's a famous beach in Sydney, but Jimmy was pronouncing it wrong. The best part was when Jimmy kept whispering "Labradoodle" and Margot insisted, like five times, that it looked like "llama shoe." When she finally got it, Jimmy did a little victory dance for the both of them.

By the way, the clip includes a references to Prince Harry, which is tied to Margot's story that she unwittingly followed Prince Harry into a photo booth at a party. He was in Stealth Mode!

Watch both videos here:

All together now: "IT'S NOT 'LLAMA SHOE!'"

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