Can one song set the world on fire? Aspiring DJ Cole (Zac Efron) believes so -- and he thinks its his destiny to find it.

Warner Bros. released the trailer for "We Are Your Friends," which is set in the electronic music world. Cole and his buddies are hustling and trying to make it while playing at college parties. Then, Cole meets the more experienced James (Wes Bentley), who becomes his mentor. Things are complicated by the fact that Cole is attracted to James's girlfriend (Emily Ratajkowski). Through it all, Cole is trying to create the perfect track -- the one to set partygoers' hearts racing.The movie definitely looks intriguing; the visuals have that hazy California surfer-skater vibe going on. And Efron has become an interesting actor -- he was great in "Neighbors." Of course, the music is pumping.

"We Are Your Friends" opens in theaters August 28.

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