Jimmi Simpson can neither confirm nor deny the popular "Westworld" theory out there about the Man in Black. You've probably heard the theory -- that Simpson's character, William, is a younger version of Ed Harris's Man in Black, and their scenes are from different timelines.

Simpson talked to The Hollywood Reporter after Episode 4, and they openly asked him about the theory. Here's part of their great Q&A:

THR: By now, you must have heard about the theories that William is a younger version of the Man in Black.

Jimmi Simpson: Oh, yeah.

THR: What's your take on the theory?

Simpson: First of all, I'm just flattered, because that man is so badass. (Laughs.) Second of all, I can't comment on anything. I wish I could say how wrong or right you are, but you guys have to wait just like we did.

THR: You wouldn't want to shut down the theorizing, anyway.

Simpson: Exactly. Bring it on, because we literally all did this every time we got a script: "Oh my god! This is happening! She's this, and she's not this!" Then we were generally wrong, but sometimes, we were a shade right, and you would feel like a genius for somehow figuring out Jonah and Lisa's brilliant puzzle.

Jonah and Lisa are showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. They, too, addressed fan theories and different timelines in a post-episode Q&A with Entertainment Weekly.

EW: Should we not assume that everything seeing is taking place at the same time...?

Jonathan Nolan: I think you want to assume as little as possible when watching this show. [...] Part of the fun is people speculating about what they're are seeing. There's some amazing speculation out there. There are some theories that are so elaborate and beautiful that you wish you thought of them yourself. I think we want to burden the audience as little as possible with expectations of what we think the show is. I'm a big believer in this ever since we went to the Venice Film Festival with 'Memento.' My brother [director Christopher Nolan] gave an interview about what he thought the film meant but stressed it was ambiguous. And afterward we talked about it and I felt from then on that the best thing to do is get out of the way of the audience and let them play with it. And there are some things in 'Westworld' that are intentionally ambiguous.

OK. Well. Then. As members of the audience, we have decided there are multiple timelines and William is indeed the young Man in Black. So far, it fits well enough. Maybe it won't fit next week, but that's another issue. Speaking of next week, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) and Ben Barnes (Logan) teased something noteworthy ahead in Episode 5.

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