After nearly 20 years, the high-profile murder of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey is still captivating the public with its many unanswered questions. The proof? Yet another network has announced plans to bring the tragic mystery to TV.

A&E joins Lifetime, CBS, and Investigation Discovery in scheduling a show about the controversial case. Called "The Killing of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered," the two-hour special will examine the events surrounding Ramsey's 1996 murder, including the suspects (none of whom were charged), the infamous ransom note, and even new developments in DNA evidence.

What should be particularly interesting, however, will be interviews with members of the Ramsey family. Not only will the special feature the first airing of an interview with JonBenét's older brother, Burke, it will include the first sit-down interview with her father, John. It sounds like he'll get very candid, even sharing his diaries from the time of the murder.

While the fact that there are so many upcoming shows about the same case may seem like overkill, there seems to actually be an audience for them. If we've learned anything from recent true crime trend, it is that the public loves to play armchair detective.

"The Killing of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered" is produced by Mills Productions for A&E Network and comes from executive producers David Mills, Janet Taylor, Elaine Frontain Bryant, and Laura Fleury. The special is set to premiere on Sept. 5 at 9 p.m.

[via: Variety]