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  • August 24, 2009 Mark
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    This has been one of my favorite movies upon my first viewing back when I was stationed at Langley Air Force Base back in the same year this jewel was debuted. A+++++

  • August 04, 2008 ericthered2005
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    Although from the looks of the that this is another typical tiring "brat pack" movie. Even I had my doubts about seeing "About Last Night". Fortunately, I was surprised at how good this romantic movie turned out. What is really stimulating is that the portrayals between the characters are absolutely believable and that they are people you can surely relate too. Sure this movie is permanently locked in the 1980's, making it a bit dated in some parts, but the situations faced within each character still holds the test of time. The four main twenty something characters (Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins) are someone you might know and it's easy to understand their points of view in life which is why this movie exceeds all other "brat pack" movies. Danny (Lowe) works as a supply salesman at a resturant, and Debbie (Moore) is in the advertising business as an art director. The couple make their aquaintences at a softball game, but they eventually hook up at a singles bar in the downtown Chicago area. Danny is the classic philandering good-looking guy who's into just havig one-night stands, while Debbie is locked into an affair with her boss, though she really wants out of this relationship, she is more interested in a honest loving outside the barriers of her work. After a little sweet romance in Danny's apartment, Debbie feels like she's found her man. The next day she returns to her apartment where she lives with her roomate Joan (played by newcomer Elizabeth Perkins), who works as a kindergarten teacher and is a turn-off by most men as she's not afraid to be open about her negative feelings towards them. Meanwhile where Danny works, His friend Bernie (played superbly by Jim Belushi), also has doubts about Danny's relationship with Debbie. After seeing each other, Debbie decides to move into Danny's apartment, but after awhile, the couple realize that the living conditions between them are more complex than they have imagined. Their different lifestyles, habits, and other assorted quirks seem to get into each other's ways. Danny's lackluster approach to be more open to Debbie starts to get on her nerves. One day Debbie was caught red-handed snooping through Danny's private stuff just to see what his life was before he met her. Debbie wants to be in Danny's life so badly, but Danny treats as though she's just another sex-toy. Meanwhile in the background their nosy friends Bernie and Joan are doing everything they could to break up this relationship fearing that it won't work out. This marks the end of the relationship between Danny and Debbie and after the breakup, start losing focus on their jobs, and their friends. Danny learns a valuable lesson after their painful breakup as he finally realizes that all this time he's been dodging his true feelings towards Debbbie, makes a pivotal 360 degree turn and goes out to find the girl he truly loves and to win her heart back. In its almost two-hour duration, I was locked into my chair hoping that these characters finally are able to come to an understanding of each other. When you're young and in love like Danny and Debbie, it's normal to go through the trials and tribulations reminding yourself of the fact that you are not a teen anymore and that romantic relationships must be handled in a more mature situation and that you have to be more open to your partner. Though the predictable ending has Debbie and Danny reconciling after their painful split, become more attatched than they ever were before. The emotions between the four characters provides a variety of responses as insecurity, lost, disdain, poor self-esteem, are just some of the key words used to describe how the charcters feel about commitment towards each other. This is one of the more valuable "brat pack" movie that looks into the lives of behavioral patterns in your twenties. A must see even if just once.