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  • 20
    Joe Neumaier New York Daily News

    What the movie needs more than anything else is a fast-forward button. show more

  • 40
    Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter

    The technical barrage of visual and digital effects, quick cuts and strobe lighting does produce something akin to the sensation of playing a video game. So why, one wonders, don't potential viewers simply play one instead of watching this pale imitation? show more

  • 38
    Boston Globe

    For long stretches of the PlayStation-minded Gamer, the action does drag. show more

  • 38
    James Berardinelli ReelViews

    I wonder if Gamer might make a good game; it certainly doesn't make a good movie. show more

  • 60
    Keith Uhlich Time Out New York

    Crank’s Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor direct with their usual flashy brio, and basso profundo Keith David has a sublime cameo as a cop indignant at the thought of a pistachio peanut butter sandwich. It’s that kind of movie, folks. show more

  • 30
    Marc Savlov Austin Chronicle

    Considerably less of a thrillgasm than playing "Frogger" blindfolded. show more

  • 25
    Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly

    As the brutish Kable, Gerard Butler must find out who's pulling his strings, but it's the audience whose chain gets yanked by this headache-inducing techno-violent mishmash. show more

  • 70
    L.A. Weekly

    Neveldine and Taylor’s spazzy (but coherent) action scenes rely mostly on blood spurts instead of feats of badassery, but their dystopia is inventive and their visual schemes diverse. show more

  • 40

    The audience gets played in Gamer. This latest eye-scraper from writer-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor is as hopped up as their "Crank" pics, but with dour Gerard Butler as a soldier commandeered by a teenage gamer, it's considerably less interactive. show more

  • 30
    Los Angeles Times

    Rarely have the words "game over" come as such sweet relief. show more

  • November 22, 2010 greatyook6
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    In later part of the movie when the main character talks to his owner that those NPCs are real person and if you shoot them they are actually die, young owner replies they are just psycho, I don’t care whether they are going to die. What can be possible in the movie is caused by the high technology which also cause the decrease of human’s dignity&

  • November 21, 2010 mirandaEidson
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    i loved it exept for some of the killing parts but other than i that it was a good movie and Logan Lerman was AWESOME in it even though you hardly ever saw him

  • September 28, 2009 liftedshadowsoff
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    Not bad overall, you know nothing special either.

  • September 27, 2009 Nesssteph
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    This was the worst movie ever! It's the only movie I have ever got up and walked out of. Went with my mom and my son.My mom went and complained to the manager and we got free tickets to go watch something worth our time. Don't go, it was horrible.

  • September 20, 2009 KampsAngel2
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    Okay, so I thought I was gonna love this movie because the previews make it look awesome, but I was disappointed... It was at best a mediocre movie. Good idea, bad storyline, great acting, good graphics, but it just didn't hold my attention. The beginning of the movie was horrible, there was just way too much going on. My husband and I aren't surprised that critics gave it a 2. It's a movie that was worth seeing once, but definitely not worth seeing again, and not worth buying at all. Thank god for Gerard Butler, he was yummy to look at the whole time.

  • September 14, 2009 Pten2020
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    the only think good about this movie was the concept. They took everything way farther than they needed to. they kept building on two things in the movie when they should've been moving on. the battle scenes were mediocre. the hand to hand combat near the end against the multiple men was dizzying and couldn't tell which was gerard part of the time. Most of the scenes in this movie had no substance and were unneeded. thank you gerard for being a good actor and letting me at least enjoy part of this movie.

  • September 14, 2009 Sweet Spirits
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    I give this movie a 4 star rating. I'm glad that I do NOT listen to critics b/c if I did I wouldn't have gone to see it. Good plot. Kept my interest and Gerard looked delicious.

  • September 13, 2009 Coliseum Gym
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    I also expected to hate this movie based on the critic's reviews and based on the fact that I am a critical movie goer and love to dissect layers of a film. My husband and I are small business owners and love playing video games. (One of our only escapes during these hard times...) Gamer does a great job of delivering the scenario of mind control and using our society as the players and the played. (Felt like "Gears of War" was brought to life.) The problem with this movie falls on the underlying political ideology that relates to our society today, and this is why I believe the critics panned Gamer. I am pleasantly shocked that Hollywood allowed this movie to be made due to the fact that the people in Gamer are controlled because, as Ludicis's character says - "After our government went bankrupt cuz the insurance companies went bankrupt"...chaos arose. This gutsy movie took a bird’s eye view of where our country could be twenty years from now. Beware, this idea could be very disturbing, yet enlightening, especially for people with at least half a brain or who are perplexed about the direction of our country. All others will miss the deeper meaning and may trivialize this movie as frivolo

  • September 13, 2009 FSKtrix
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    I don't play video games but I like a good sci-fi with a creative twist on technology and human behavior. I thought this was a great film, I was expecting the usual gratuitous crap and cheesy dialog, but it ended up being surprisingly clever and not over done. The movie kept me interested by being eye popping and not entirely predictable. I think we'll see it become a techno-sci-cult fav like running man, blade runner, or hackers.

  • September 13, 2009 lrjam2
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    Saw it last night...and didn't think I'd like it cause of all the bad reviews...BUT I really thought it was good! Lot's of action, and yes there was nudity, but not bad at all! There was a good story with lots of drama with Butler escaping and trying to get to his wife and daughter. All and all I think I'd see it again just to see the last 10 minutes with that fantastic fight scene.


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