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  • NA
    Jack Mathews New York Daily News

    This is the biggest lowdown, rotten, disgusting, depraved sideshow in the megaplex. Check your brains, your taste and your self-respect right over there with the bearded ticket taker. show more

  • 63
    Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald

    As much as I laughed throughout the movie, I cannot mount a cogent defense of the film as entertainment, or even performance art, although the movie does leave you marveling at these guys' superhuman capacity to withstand pain. Compared to these jackasses, Vin Diesel is a big, overpaid wuss. show more

  • 25
    Jennie Punter The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

    Essentially a slapstick movie with no plot or -- as my boyfriend called it after recovering from 1½ hours of side-splitting laughter -- "the ultimate big-screen TV experience." show more

  • NA
    Lou Lumenick New York Post

    To call Jackass: The Movie the worst movie of the year is practically a compliment. This plotless, crudely videotaped collection of moronic stunts is a movie in the same sense that those hideous, velvet depictions of Elvis are paintings. show more

  • 80
    Film Threat

    One of the funniest films I’ve seen all year. show more

  • 67
    Kimberley Jones Austin Chronicle

    All told, either you get it or you don't. Film critics and senators with election prospects don't. Kids in the mood to laugh at stupid shit for 87 minutes do. I'll toss my hat in the latter ring with glee. show more

  • 75
    Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly

    Provokes a suspense halfway between comedy and horror. I'm not sure if I enjoyed myself, exactly, but I could hardly wait to see what I'd be appalled by next. show more

  • 80
    Paul Malcolm L.A. Weekly

    The Jackass boys achieve true genius, however, when they take their penance public. Before stunned, inert onlookers, these skate-punk Situationists transform official zones of work and leisure -- office parks, golf courses, bowling alleys -- into arenas of dangerous stupidity to remind us that, in the end, we’re all just meat. show more

  • 70
    Village Voice

    Shrewdly, the Jackass gang didn't mess with their established formula in the transition to the big screen. show more

  • 50
    Manohla Dargis Los Angeles Times

    At their best, they're closer to the Three Stooges; at their most banal, they're as original as the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing nude with socks on their penises -- It's a hoot. show more

  • August 08, 2012 thewillt08
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    Hi, I'm WillyT and welcome to the review of Jackass. If you expect an Oscar winning story than you clearly don't know the point of Jackass. Jackass is a bunch of guys who pull pranks and do stunts for comedy. They do really good and it's really funny. There were points in this movie where I'm like "they did not just do that." Knoxville, Bam, Steve- 0, Danger Ehren, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Wee man, and Preston Lacy are all the members of the Jackass squad and how they still walk I will never know. Everyone knows this is a popular show on MTV and I was a bit worried I would be a little bored with watching it for an hour and a half. By the end I was not bored at all I could have watched another hour. This movie had some really funny scenes. Ryan Dunn puts the toy car up his ass and gets x-rays. The doctors' reaction was hilarious and made the movie just that much better. Steve-O tight roped across a pool of alligators, crazy. They dressed up as old people and caused anarchy. Bam had an electric scooter and rolled down a hill yelling out for help because his brakes failed. People literally were chasing him down the road to help and it was just awesome. Jackass has these moments where you and your friends will never forget and will talk about for a very long time. Some of the stunts made no sense at all like the rockets skates and the super wedgies but they were still funny. It was sort of like it's so stupid it just might work. It worked but for the wrong reason. It didn't work at all but it was still incredibly funny so it worked. My favorite stunt was when Dave England was going to poop in a toilet in a hardware store. This store sold toilets and this one was not hooked up it was being sold in public and he planned on pooping in it and leaving. MTV has to do something with businesses because half of the stunts are totally illegal, but I'll get to that later. On the way to the hardware store Dave England really has to poop and he ends up pooping his pants on the way. That is almost funnier than the actual stunt himself. It smells, its gross, but it's hilarious. Everyone got a laugh out of it, the crew even threw up and they got it on camera. Amazingly later on the same day he goes into the store, poops and then leaves leaving the customers shocked and disgusted. I was laughing so hard I missed the next stunt completely. Jackass the TV show has Bam beating up and torturing his parents. The movie does this to, they stick to their roots. Bam puts firecrackers in Phil's car and bedroom, Bam beats him up while he is on the toilet, Bam even scared his mother with a live alligator in the kitchen. It was classic Jackass and the movie stuck to what it does best and I think fans really appreciated that. Sure I love this movie but it was far from perfect. They do so much stuff that is just illegal I don't even know how they got away with it. The first stunt of the movie had Knoxville renting a car and then demolishing it and refusing to pay for it. MTV o

  • January 23, 2011 illchilldave
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    i love jackass the movie

  • November 29, 2009 Paul Preister
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    this was worth $7 but the 2nd one was alot funnier and better. this one is ok for kids but be cautious. I have to say it wa halarious though!=)

  • August 31, 2008 hunterisgreat10
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