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  • December 09, 2012 yo00000000133134
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    Very Accurate-UNTIL THE END! Head/brain-injury is a Devasting situation resulting from: car wrecks, drug overdoses, drownings, gunshots & stabbing, falls, sports injuries (football, boxing/MMA, baseball, soccer), brain infections, strokes, self-choking (sexual and pass-out games), huffing/sniffing, loss of blood, and any other event where loss of oxygen to the brain, or physical head impact occurs. I experienced an almost identical situation (coma of one person, permanent-vegatative state of another person) and lived through the emotional and financial problems that occur when someone you love and/or are related to experiences a significan head/brain injury (such as what many Iraq and Afghanistan vets experience after IAD attacks). This movie emphasizes the emotional issues experienced by the \"survivors\", esp. spouses, *parents*, and children. The amazingly cold and unrealistic treatment by trauma hospital staff is right-on accurate, as is the horrid conditions in Most Nursing homes, and the incompetance and detached attitudes of the nursing home staff (part of it is emotional survival, some based on the harsh realities they see every day, but a large part is also \"bad attitude\"). What is NOT covered is the Devasting financial costs that often lead to Bankruptcy, Divorce (or parents), and Emptional Devasation from the incredible costs resulting from GREED, INCOMPETANCE and a BROKEN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. The movie would have been more accurate if it showed Lainey and her daughters moving in with her divorced friend to save money, and showed her selling almost all of her assets in order to cover the ridiculously high costs. Also - the Ending Was Highly Unrealistic and Optimistic. After a person is in coma for a few months, they have Severe muscle atrophy that takes 2-5 YEARS of Rehab to recover from; and most people do Not every fully recover to be Normal. Every brain-injury results in some cognitive and emotional problems after, and especially If the patient \"wakes up\". In this movie the husband would have had Amnesia affecting his memory of the last 1-5 years, including not being able to recognize his Wife and esp. his children. He would have had to undergo 2-5 years of rehab therapy in a facility such as TIRR in Houston, or at home with a phsical therapist and speach therapist and pscyhotherapists at his home. These are all Devastingly expensive and Not Covered by most Insurance. This leads to much family strife, and leads to Many Divorces after a spouse \"wakes up and comes home\". Post recovery patients are easy to anger and are often confused, just like Stroke victims. Almost always there are Physical problems caused by the brain damage, resulting in gaits, slow or awkward movements, and sometimes totally immobility in an arm or leg. Post recovery head-injury patients are often not able to get or hold on to jobs, because of their difficulty handling stressful or confusing situations. They are often mistaken for people with Downs-syndrome.