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  • September 11, 2012 ik00000000129424
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    I have been a true fan of horror films for more than 3 decades. This series of films are a true masterpiece because it is truly horror. I can\'t remeber when I\'ve seem such imagery on the screen, in the first series the gore level is somewhat low but the evilness of Dr. Heiter is completely of the charts. You cant help but to feel sorry for his victums. Its clear that the doctor is the evilist man on Earth

  • March 19, 2011 hello G
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    This movie defines "NEW" horror. All the *********! Dr. Heiter takes manipulation, creepiness, and sheer terror to a new level. There is nothing more "shocking" in this movie that you would not see in "Hostel" or "Saw"! I read all the comments...if it's so disgusting and gross, why did you *************** it??? Everyone has been talking about the premise of the movie a HUGH surprise? So all you HORROR movie fan wanna-be's go watch The Princess Bride, you may sleep again-"horror rules" G

  • November 11, 2010 neandcafrye
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    My real vote would be "MAYBE" It took me a long time to work up the nerve to see this movie. The plot is truely disgusting beyond belief. Two female tourists and one japanese man are kidnapped by a demented surgeon somewhere in Germany. They are drugged, and wake up in his basement laboritory. The surgeon, who became famous specializing in the separation of cojoined twins, now wants to try doing the "opposite." With the help of an overhead projector, he explains in detail how he intends to surgically attatch then together--MOUTH to ANUS--thus creating a human centipede "with a single digestive system." I was mildly taumatized for several days after watching the theatrical trailer on on-line. I spent weeks aclimating myself to the idea by reaading articles about it online and watching clips of it on YouTube. By the time I finally saw it online (with Portugese subtitles), it didn't seem as quite as bad as I expected. It's actually rather well-made, and the actor who plays the scientist is excellent. But the two actresses are mediocre at best. Luckily, their lack of acting ability helps mute the horror a bit, since they aren't quite talented enough to truely convey the absolute horror of what's happening to them. This makes the experience a little less taumatic for the viewer. Also, there is surprizingly little gore for this type of movie. It's the IDEA of what's happening that's most horrific. It also helped to watch an online interview with the cast members. They all seemed like happy, normal, likable people, and this helped to remind me that it was ONLY a MOVIE. People who have been traumatized by seeing this movie or its trailer might find some relief by watching the interview on YouTube. Like I said before: my real vote is "MAYBE" See it at your own risk...