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  • May 22, 2008 Hunkydory
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    Set in the bleak border desert territory of Texas and Mexico in the early 80s, an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's latest novel, this film is more than just a splendid crime thriller. The Coen Brothers have outdone themselves with this masterpiece tale paralleling the end of the cowboy era and the beginning of a country's relentless and futile pursuit of its lucre of the day, symbolized by a cache of heroin and 2 million dollars in cash. This booty is pursued at all costs by the most deranged and dangerous of minds, personified in the sociopathic and sadistic character of Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem.Beyond the desolate desert, the film engages the concept of the pursuit of the new American dream for which no man has been educated in ethics or convention to achieve. Its conquest is tragically and futilely predominated by the diabolic denouements of the wicked to the detriment and demise of every living creature without remorse or exception. This is a brave new world where the bounty hunter is not pursuing the bad guy, but is himself the worst of any criminal pursued by such in history.Through the character of Llewellyn Moss, played by Josh Brolin, a last of his kind cowboy, the new America is portrayed as a country where only those fearless and crazy enough to see the target and focus upon it, in full awareness of the fatal end, and under any and all adversity, revel in the knowledge that only temporarily prevailing in its pursuit is the only glory attained. Sheriff Bell, played by Tommy Lee Jones, exemplifies the old stalwart men of the country who once knew lawlessness as a power able to be defeated by the capture of those responsible, who can now only ponder the futility of the pursuit of such evil men, knowing that evil itself has overtaken and so permeated the society at large that it is no longer and never shall be again a

  • May 22, 2008 debbientn03
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    Weird, dark,loser. Simply put.

  • May 22, 2008 painoassociate
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    He's the best! Very caring dr. Thank you, christine n. - ps. his office address has changed.

  • May 22, 2008 LMcRae122667
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    Please don't waste your moneyLuther

  • May 22, 2008 antmd2000
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    The Number 23 is as good as it gets. It is such an amazing movie. First let me start off by saying that Jim Carrey did an incredible job in this movie and definitely deserves some awards for his leading role. Also, this is Virginia Madsen's best movie role to date. I think she gave the best performance a long with Jim Carrey. She should definitely stick to thrillers. This movie has to be one of the creepiest movies of the past few years. There are emotional parts and intense action and thematic sequences. And lastly there is a decent amount of violence. The Number 23 is definitely a shocker and has you guessing until the end where everything makes sense. Go buy this freaky and scary thriller today. You will be very satisfied.

  • May 22, 2008 thomejust
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    Took my friend to the movie for her birthday. What a waste. Waited a half hour for a chuckle, let alone a laugh. Walked out. Waste of time and money. Usually love Adam Sandler but hated this charade. Also the child that plays the son could not be a typical boy or girl. Movie was not poignant, and definitely in no way funny.

  • May 22, 2008 bhunsicker182
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    the number 23 was one of my personel favorites. every one that i know loved it. it kept the audiance guessing. the ending is amazing. i didnt expect it at all. jim carrey is one of my favorite astors. although most of his movies he is a comedic actor he play the serious roles perfect. i think that it could have been better and alittle bit longer but i t was still one of the best movies ever.

  • May 22, 2008 smpdesigns
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    Jim Carrey is obviously a happy man with his accomplishments in his comedic and serious acting roles ~ Oscar nominations, critics' crappy comments aside. Are they getting paid off by Hollywood studios that are jealous that they don't know how to make the best of this man's talents? I thought this movie was great, and not the least bit boring. . . .now those who can't or never had to deal with the subject mental illness in their life or family don't have a clue or are just in denial. . . like most of these ridiculous film critics. What the heck are they looking for in a real film? And tell me if Virginia Madsen doesn't deserve an Oscar for her performance?The ending had a profound message to some of us who "get it".

  • May 22, 2008 tendler05
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    I was actually overwhelmed at the fact that jim carrey played a serious drama role in the film the number 23. Although, when you think of Jim Carrey right away your first thought is comical. In this movie he shows you that he can be a serious actor and that makes him a terrific actor.

  • May 22, 2008 modstudios4
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    I actually asked for my money back. Did not get it, but was able to get a credit to another movie. Jim carey is taking any movie deal now just to get his 20 million per flick. This movie blows!

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