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  • August 14, 2009 ferniedog2u
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    At first, this film didn't appeal to me very much due to the content of the pedophile sex and whatnot. But as a moviegoer and an actor, I've always been taught to look beyond the surface of the film and see what is really being brought out. What grew on me was that the movie was more about the pain the kid grew with as a consequence of his affair with the Nazi woman. It carried with him and affected him through time and his life. I kinda relate in that regard, don't we all? The things we suffer through grow and grow and weaken us as we age. Especially when they catch us when we are so young and vulnerable. I'ts a life story. One that has a good lesson which I found valuable.

  • July 16, 2009 cwagozorro
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    How can so many people like a movie about a pedophile Nazi? The first half hour or so of child sex was not "romantic", it was disgusting. If the whole pedophile beginning wasn't bad enough they try to make you feel bad for a Nazi, who was responsible for killing hundreds of Jews, just because she is illiterate and doesn't own up to it. I guess I'm just different then most people, I'm not into illiterate Nazi pedophile movies. Here's an observation; Hitler killed himself, killed Jews, and tried to have sex with his under age niece should we make a movie about him and give it awards?

  • March 17, 2009 fymbulwinter
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    @perrydcox: Because everyone knows that nobody had any sex during WW2. To claim otherwise is offensive. Get thee back to your musty cloister.