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  • August 15, 2008 mecasa2u
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    having had watched several other movies on situation in Uganda it is with tears i watched this unfolding story of hope of a mustard seed planted in the bloody ground of Uganda and brought forth the voices of its children. i pray that every child in america gets to see this documentary. The children embodies the spirt and pride with graditude for even the simpliest things we have. To have the lifes uprooted and torn apart with things no one should ever see or feel is beyond understanding how they accept the pain and go on. The teachers are to be commended on their efforts to rebuilt the damaged lifes with music. The educators and mental health society of all country should see this film . Then prehaps there would be no question on returning more fine arts to the school system. if we could bottle the sprit and pride the children have in their heritage and pass it on. (Instead of the drugs that are so easily available to our children even at our schools. Like the rebels snatching away these children or parents from the bush, drugs are destroying our families.)This doesn't come easy but they rebuilding their lifes we must all do our part to see this is given a chance not only in uganda but in our own back yards. have we all lost sight of our brother, yes we are are brothers keeper.