Walking DeadA new face is coming to "The Walking Dead" - one who might be a key gay character in the comic series.

The AMC drama is adding relative newcomer Ross Marquand as a series regular for the second half of season 5 and possibly season 6. While Marquand's role was not revealed, many are speculating whether he plays the "very prominent" gay character teased by comic creator Robert Kirkman on "Talking Dead."

That character would likely be - SPOILERS! - Aaron, a resident of Alexandria Safe-Zone. In the comics, he meets Rick and crew while they're on the road to Washington D.C., which is right where the show's storyline left off in the midseason finale. So, it seems highly likely that when "The Walking Dead" returns on Feb. 8, the zombie-fighting group soon runs into Aaron and are recruited by him to join Alexandria. In the comics, Aaron's work and romantic partner is Eric.

With the deaths of several major characters in the first half of season 5, "The Walking Dead" seems to be restocking. Along with Marquand, Alexandra Breckinridge is joining the cast, also in an unknown role (though now it's likely that she'll play someone in Alexandria).