Well this is a huge relief: the BBC and Netflix have hugged it out and the British series threatening to leave the streaming service at the end of the month (among them: "Top Gear," "Luther," the original "House of Cards" and, critically, "Doctor Who" and its spin-off "Torchwood") are secure. As The Best of Netflix points out, "these types of last minute deals are often very common." The site theorizes that the shows will be around at least for "the next several months," although points out that most of these contract re-ups last for a year or more.

We have actually just started making our way through the vast and complicated "Doctor Who"-niverse and are somewhere in the David Tennant years, so we would have to do a lot of cramming in order to make it through before Netflix pulled the plug. And we haven't even gotten into "Torchwood" yet!

Below is the list of series saved from the chopping block. Certainly the public outcry following the news of these series getting zapped made an impact, so, if your favorite show is looking like it's going off of the provider, please make a stink on social media. It actually does help!

Classic "Doctor Who"

"Doctor Who" seasons 1 -7

"Copper" seasons 1-2

"House of Cards" trilogy

"Keeping Up Appearances" season 1

"Luther" seasons 1-3

"Monarch of the Glen" seasons 1-6

"North & South"

"Robin Hood" seasons 1-3

"The Buccaneers"

"The Office" U.K. seasons 1-2

"Top Gear" seasons 17-20

"Torchwood" seasons 1-4

"Wallander" seasons 1-3