MinionsIf you're a minion looking for a new evil overlord, where would you go to find one? Orlando, of course!

Another new trailer is out for "Minions," which is just as cute as the first one and the Super Bowl spot. Seriously, watching these adorable creatures try to be bad is just, well, adorable.

This second, full-length trailer lays out the story: Kevin, Bob, and Stu hitch a ride to Orlando for Villain Con, the world's biggest gathering of evildoers. At first, they find their evil talents aren't exactly inspiring potential employers - as one snarks, "That's not evil or a talent" - until they meet Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). She is exactly the kind of monster they've been waiting for, but are they the kind of minions who will help her ... or (accidentally) bring her down?

"Minions" brings its cute to theaters July 10.