Yes, all of the "Fast and the Furious" movies have been, to one degree or another, completely insane. This is a franchise that started off as a kind of drag racing riff on "Point Break" and turned into one of the most elaborately engineered action franchises in the history of cinema. But "Furious 7," opening in April, seems to take that to an almost uncomfortable degree. In the new trailer alone, there are cars flying out of the back of planes, a car jumping between two Abu Dhabi skyscrapers, and The Rock flying out of a building and onto a car (there's always a car). "This time, it ain't just about being fast," Vin Diesel growls in the 3-minute trailer. Yeah, this is going to be ridiculously awesome and awesomely ridiculous.

There's so much to love about this trailer and it's so full of stuff, that I almost wish I hadn't watched it. The "Fast and Furious" franchise is one of the most purely enjoyable in movies right now, and with this new entry carrying the bittersweet tinge of being the send off for Paul Walker's Bryan character, well, it could also be the best of the bunch. (Also heartening: the fact that the movie's template has been switched up, yet again, to resemble a revenge movie and James Wan, director of the superb "The Conjuring," is behind the wheel.) As Tyrese says, "This right here, takes crazy to a whole 'nother level." After you watch the trailer, you'll handily agree.

Just watch it.