Chris Pratt and Chris Evans at Christopher's Haven

Now, this is how to be a superhero. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a friendly Superbowl wager last weekend, with Pratt in favor of the Seahawks and Evans rooting for the Patriots. They bet that if their team won, the other would dress up in his superhero garb and visit a children's hospital in that team's respective city. In addition to raising money for both Seattle Children's Hospital and Boston's Christopher's Haven, the two Chrises have decided to go ahead and make good on both parts of their bet.

Earlier today, Pratt and Evans visited Christopher's Haven, a non-profit that provides housing to the families of children being treated for cancer at Boston-area hospitals. As per his bet, Pratt is dressed as Star-Lord, much to the delight of the kids and their parents. The dynamic duo is planning to do the same for Seattle Children's Hospital, with Evans as Captain America.

Check out the pictures on Chris Pratt's official Facebook page, as well as Christopher's Haven.