NeighborsWhat's worse than living next door to a frat led by Zac Efron? Living next door to a sorority, apparently. In "Neighbors 2," Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne will reprise their roles from "Neighbors" as harried suburbanites Mac and Kelly Radner, but instead of fighting with Teddy (Efron) and his host of bros as in the first movies, they get the frat brothers to help them put the kibosh on their new neighbors' sisterly shenanigans.

Writers Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien and director Nicholas Stoller will also return, because why not? The first "Neighbors" was unique in that it was an original property (i.e. not based on a comic book, toy, franchise, etc.) that still made buckets of money. And, it looked really fun to make. We can only hope that Cohen and O'Brien will take some inspiration from the insane emails from sorority sisters that have been posted on sites like Gawker and Jezebel. (Beware of some seriously adult language.) We can't wait to see who they cast as the leader of the pack.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]