It's Tuesday, which means "Pretty Little Liars'" fab four are up to their usual antics: being ritualistically stalked by a deranged sociopath while simultaneously making terrible decisions when it comes to their love lives! This week, the liars dealt with their relationship drama (spoiler alert: RIP Spoby), went head-to-head with A in a dance-off, and –– most importantly –– found out the jaw-dropping truth about Mona Vanderwaal's death. Hint: she faked it! Maybe.

Spencer Cheats On Toby, Makes Us Doubt True Meaning of Love

You're probably wondering if that misguided grifter named Jonny is still living in Spencer Hastings' backyard. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Even worse, their horrifying Watership Down mural is poached and illegally put in a gallery, prompting them to steal back their work. Bad call for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because Toby Cavanaugh drives up in his cop car full of buzz kills and ruins everything.

This poor long-suffering policechild arrests Jonny for burglary and gets him kicked out of the Hastings House of Horrors, but don't worry –– Jonny gets revenge by kissing Spencer. As in, Spencer cheats on Toby. Or, to put it another way, our hearts are broken and life as we know it is over.

Oh, and in other devastating news, Emily Fields breaks up with Talia. Why? Because Talia's husband is still in love with her, and thinks she and Em are having some kind of experimental lesbian fling. Sad times.

Hanna Dances Like No One's Watching, Fails Miserably

Now that Hanna Marin's dad has incontrovertibly proven that he's the worst father ever, the only way Hanna can afford college is by entering a beauty competition. Naturally, she decides to dance her way to the top, and despite Caleb Rivers being like "look at your life, look at your choices," Hanna asks Emily for help busting a move. Because apparently Em's a dancer? Just go with it.

The bad news is that Hanna's evil stepsister, Kate, joins the competition (except not really –– A is just messing with her), which causes Hanna to have a dance-y breakdown. She ends up doing a completely insane routine set to the dulcet tones of "Bang-Bang" while Emily watches in horror, and a pageant instructor has the nerve to say she doesn't have what it takes to win twenty grand. The small amount of good news is that Emily signs up to do the pageant in Hanna's place, because –– as the age-old saying goes –– bros before psychos.

Mike Confesses The Truth About Mona, Alison's Off The Hook

Remember last week when we discovered that Mike Montgomery leads a double life wherein he pumps iron by day and fondles blood samples by night? Well, there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Aria's naturally concerned about her brother's extracurricular activities, and after breaking into Mike's room and finding a necklace that says "I'm with you," she asks her friend Andrew to follow him to the gym. Turns out Mike skips his work out in favor of dropping a blood of vial off in the woods behind Mona's house (good times), and Aria scopes out his hiding spot only to get caught red-handed.

Now, before you fly into a panic and assume Mike is either a) a vampire, or b) a murderer, listen up. Turns out this poor lost soul is actually hiding Mona's blood in the woods for the creepy and adorable reason that a blood vials were the last gift she gave him before her untimely death. You see, apparently, Mona faked her own murder at the behest of A, who wanted to frame Ali. So, is Mona alive? Maybe not. Mike thinks A killed her in a sinister double-cross –– but one thing's for sure: Alison DiLaurentis is off the hook!

Burning Questions

1. Is Mona alive? She hasn't been meeting up with Mike at their designated hang outs, so it looks like she's definitely dead. Plus, we saw her corpse.

2. If Ali isn't A, who is? Our money is on one of Aria's parents, only because they haven't been on the show in literally months and lord knows what they're getting up to in their free time.

3. Now that Emily's entering the beauty pageant, will she become A's next target?

4. A is shown holding a wrench at the end of this episode. Sounds like an injury might be in the liars' future, right?

5. Are Toby and Spencer over? Because if not, Spence should probably stop kissing other men.