Friends Netflix1. The beginning is slow

With the characters less developed than I remember them being, and the jokes a bit predictable at times, the beginning of "Friends" left me underwhelmed. Scenes were sometimes very short, filled with only a few quick, mediocre jokes. The plots of the episodes moved slowly, and some scenes seemed unnecessary. After the first handful of episodes, though, it starts to pick up speed and become the classic sitcom we all know and love today.

2. Some of the girls' outfits are on point (Rachel, I'm looking at you)

Fashion tends to repeat itself, and nowhere is that more obvious than while watching "Friends." Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe sported some serious looks back then that I would happily wear today. I'm talking combat boots, overalls, sweaters tied around your waist, and flannel. It's a '90s girl's dream.

3. Ross is so annoying

Starting with his complete inability to confess his feelings for Rachel in Season 1, Ross is that character you love to hate. Well, maybe not hate. There are moments when he seems like a simple, adorable, dinosaur-loving nerd. But then he complains about being divorced, or messes up yet another one of his relationships, or exclaims his usual "We were on a break!" and his adorableness fades away pretty fast.

4. You should totally be hanging out in coffee shops more often

Everything cool seems to happen at Central Perk. Phoebe was always playing her quirky songs while the gang sipped their coffees and joked about dating and work and life. When you watch the show, you may start to get the urge to hang out in a small, trendy coffee shop. You may even start saying things like, "That is such a Monica thing to say." Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with it. After all, who doesn't want to be a character in "Friends"?

5. The theme song is super catchy

As soon as you hear the first few notes of the song play at the beginning of each episode, you really can't help but sing (and clap) along. And once you've heard it, that song will be stuck in your head all day. You end up not just singing it, but totally, unapologetically belting it out. When you watch "Friends," that song becomes your jam.

Abigail Drueke is a student at the University of Florida and a contributor to Moviefone's Campus Beat.