With "Birdman's" triumph as Best Picture of 2014, it becomes the fifth lowest-grossing film (for now) to take the top prize with (as of Oscar night) $37,733,000. If "Boyhood" had won, it would have become the lowest-grossing Best Picture winner ever, with just $11,330,000, so far.

Of course, "Birdman" can still see a significant Oscar box office bump, but critical acclaim and boffo box office rarely go together, as this list of the lowest-grossing Best Picture winners in Academy history demonstrates.lowest-grossing best picture winnersSince data on movies going back more than a few decades is incomplete, we relied on the number crunching from The Atlantic for box office reports on older films. Additional data via Boxofficemojo.com. Adjusted gross calculated with the US Inflation Adjuster.