American Crime Review"American Crime," created by Oscar winner John Ridley, is one of the new dramas premiering on ABC in March. It's set to air Thursday nights at 10 pm, and the anticipation is killing us. The show stars Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina King, and Benito Martinez just to name a few. Here are five reasons why we can't wait for the March 5th premiere date.

1. Watching the trailer takes us on an emotional rollercoaster.

Just by watching the trailer, we are getting all sorts of feels from the show. Whether it's the dad (Benito Martinez) crying over his son (Johnny Ortiz) being taken into jail or another dad (Timothy Hutton) having to identify his dead son, we know John Ridley has some major surprises and cliffhangers coming for us in Season 1. If the trailer is that good, we can't even imagine what the show will bring.

2. John Ridley is the creator.

The Oscar winner for best adapted screenplay for "12 Years a Slave" is back but this time in television. "American Crime" is the first thing he has done since "12 Years a Slave," so it's time for more Ridley. "12 Years a Slave" was a powerful film and from the looks of the trailer for "American Crime," it doesn't seem like this television show will be any different.

3. Felicity Huffman is back!

I don't know about you, ever since Desperate Housewives" ended in 2012, I've been having withdrawals. I've missed her in the television world. Lynette Scavo kept things lively and interesting in "Desperate Housewives" and we can't wait to see what Huffman brings to this new character in "American Crime." Even though her character doesn't seem like she will be the most likable one of the series, all that matters is that Huffman is back and we get to see more stellar acting from her.

4. When HTGAWM leaves temporarily, we're going to need something to watch.

Shonda Rhimes has created quite the experience for viewers on Thursday nights. "How To Get Away With Murder" will have its season finale and viewers are going to need something else, just as good, to watch. Ridley has some big shoes to fill, but after watching "12 Years a Slave," I don't see any problems coming our way. He probably won't sugarcoat anything and instead will definitely bring reality and rawness to the show.

5. It's not your typical crime show.

John Ridley has made it clear in many interviews that this show isn't the crime show where each episode solves a mystery. Instead, the show focuses on the victims, the suspect, and their families, rather than the crime and how to solve it. The season focuses on one crime and shows the implications of that crime on the people around it somehow involved with it. It seems like the show will be more relatable and resonate more with us.

Vanessa Gomez is a student at the University of Southern California and a contributor to Moviefone's Campus Beat.