Love & Mercy, Brian Wilson biopic
The first teaser trailer for the Brian Wilson biopic "Love & Mercy" is a sun- and sand-soaked affair, featuring several samples of the classic tunes that made the Beach Boys rock and roll legends.

The film first focuses on Wilson as a young man, played by Paul Dano, at the beginning and then the height of the Beach Boys' fame, recording songs like "Surfin' U.S.A." and "God Only Knows." He sings, he goofs around with a surfboard, and he experiments with jingle bells and barking dogs in the studio.

"I'm going to make the greatest album ever made," Wilson declares.

But Wilson's life took a dark turn, as the artist became consumed by drugs and depression, and the film picks up in his later years with John Cusack playing a grizzled, older version of the singer. Can Wilson reclaim his musical genius and reignite his creative passion? With a little help from a woman played by Elizabeth Banks, maybe.

"Love & Mercy" is due in theaters in June.

Photo credit: YouTube