Remember when Elizabeth Keen ripped open her adorable stuffed bunny and unearthed The Fulcrum, a tiny and super-80s box full of secrets? And then she hid it from Raymond Reddington even though he's been obsessed with finding The Fulcrum for years? Well, two important things are happening with that whole situation this week: 1) Elizabeth finally tells Red she has The Fulcrum, and 2) She flat out refuses to give it to him.

Oh, and also Elizabeth might be arrested for killing that friendly old man in her boat even though it was all Tom's fault. In other words, there's a lot to be worried about, including Raymond's co-dependent relationship with fedoras.

Liz Educates Us About The Deer Hunter, We Learn A Valuable Lesson About Serial Killer Sexism

First up, let's talk about this week's blacklister (who isn't actually on Red's Blacklist). This creeper is an FBI-wanted criminal, and Liz happens to be teaching a graduate seminar about him. Or should we say her. Turns out The Deer Hunter is a lady (that's right, women can be serial killers too!) who hunts her victims down with a crossbow before taking a delicious bite out of their liver. Sounds pretty insane, but honestly the most concerning thing about this lady is the fact that she spends her free-time lurking around her apartment talking to birds. So worried.

Anyway, Liz is determined to find The Deer Hunter as part of her ongoing desire to get some space from Red, and after getting intel from one of her students, she learns that the killer's last six targets were done by a copy-cat. The copy-cat's latest victim? An abusive husband who ends up getting gutted after his wife brokers a deal with the Deer Hunter. Lovely!

Red Saves Liz From Serving Jail Time, Fails To Save Her From Being Kidnapped

Liz is still the prime suspect in the death of Eugene the Friendly Fisherman, and a well-meaning detective is on a mission to make her pay. Hah, please. Don't you know who you're dealing with? It goes without saying that Red has Lizzy's back, and he visits the only witness to Eugene's death before he testifies. All Red does is offer up a heart transplant for the witness' brother, and before you know it Liz is off the hook. Sweetest father-figure / mass murderer / criminal mastermind ever!

Over in Deer Hunterville, Liz realizes that the copycat killer is targeting men who abused their wives or girlfriends –– all of whom visited the same victims association to cope with the abuse. Unfortunately, the Deer Hunter realizes what the FBI are up to and kills her latest victim's wife to tie up loose ends. Even more unfortunately, she smacks Liz in the face with a shovel, drags her to a basement, and hangs her in a harness from the ceiling. Someone remind us why she works for the FBI, again?

Liz's Killer Instincts Kick In, Red Learns About The Fulcrum

In case you're wondering, Red is still obsessed with The Fulcrum, and this week he calls the number he procured from Alan Finch's safe in the hopes that it will give him a lead. Red makes a phone date with the shadowy fellow on the other end of the line, however he misses the call due to meeting Liz's witness and ends up having to track down his contact in person. Sounds simple enough, but Red's mystery man has disappeared by the time he arrives, and there's blood all over the floor. In other words, Red's reached a dead end in the most literal way possible.

Meanwhile in Liz's dramatic life of non-stop near death experiences, the Deer Hunter reveals that her husband was the original killer, and that she's been murdering abusive men ever since she offed him with his own crossbow. In other words, she's crazy. Liz manages to get this batty widow in a vice between her legs as she's suspended from the ceiling, but fear not –– Ressler swoops in before she can make the kill.

Obviously, Elizabeth is riddled with guilt over almost killing the Deer Hunter and being semi-responsible for Eugene's death, so she meets up with Red, reveals that she has The Fulcrum, and then peaces out when Red refuses to tell her what it is. Fair enough, to be honest.

All in all a great and informative episode, but yes –– we have burning questions. Lots of them.

1. No really, what is The Fulcrum? Because there's only so much waiting we can take.

2. Was Red's new contact murdered, or did he stage the disappearance? Either way, tough luck.

3. Tom is back next week and we're dying to know what he wants with Liz. Other than getting her back, of course. They're clearly a match made in murderous heaven.

4. Once Red finds out about The Fulcrum, will he reject Liz, or is she more than just a disposable source of information to him?