last week tonightYou're probably still complaining about the lack of sleep you received thanks to Daylight Saving Time, and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" also has a bone to pick with the tradition.

The satirical HBO show took a swing at the out-of-date practice in a segment entitled "How Is This Still A Thing?," lamenting that the twice-yearly changing of the clocks does nothing for humanity other than confuse them about how to adjust the time on their microwaves. And the conventional wisdom that it was a practice invented for farming is false, too, the segment claims.

Check out the video below -- which highlights the fact that it was the German military, not American farmers, who spearheaded the practice -- and just try to argue with "Last Week Tonight's" logic. We may not think that cows are just stupid creatures (that one at the 1:03 mark is pretty adorable), but the rest of the segment's sentiments seem sound.

[via: Last Week Tonight]

Photo credit: YouTube