THE BLACKLIST -- Remember when Elizabeth Keen let her husband kill that friendly old man on a boat (RIP EUGENE!)? Yeah, well now she's in major hot water and the only person who can get her off-the-hook for murder is Tom. The problem? The former Mr. Keen is a) a deranged psycho, and b) a newly minted Nazi. Check out the recap below for a few big revelations, but keep in mind that this episode was mostly clip show material!

Tom Gets His Murder On, Elizabeth Puts The Task Force in Jeopardy

Elizabeth is a prime suspect in the murder of Eugene The Friendly Boat Lurker, but please –– we all know Tom is the one at fault here. Unfortunately, this former house husband is currently undercover as the world's creepiest Neo-Nazi, and seems to be spending most of his time shooting random criminals in the head. So basically, he's back at work.

Thanks to Tom not having Elizabeth's back, Agent Cooper ends up getting subpoenaed in Eugene's murder investigation –– and the task force could be shut down if he's forced to take the stand. There's only one solution: Liz has to convince an extremely nosy judge to drop the case.

Red Hunts Down a Blacklister, Elizabeth Narrates a Clip Show

There's a new blacklister in town and he could be the solution to a major problem (get it?).

Here's the deal with The Major: he hunts down delinquent youths and recruits them to become freelance undercover agents. In fact, The Major trained Tom and seems to be the key to his whereabouts! Red wastes no time tracking down this B-lister through one of his agents, and after a quick catch-up session, The Major tells Red that Tom's working for Nazis in Germany. More importantly, Red reveals that he was the one who originally hired Tom to play the part of Liz's husband –– and it was going great until the late criminal mastermind that is Berlin poached Tom out from under him!

While Red chats up his criminal network, Elizabeth convinces the judge handling Eugene's murder trial not to put Agent Cooper on the stand (Cooper lies to corroborate her claims), and she also dishes her entire life story –– which brings us to the clip show portion of the evening. If anyone wants a recap of The Blacklist's first two seasons, go ahead and watch this episode!

By the way –– just because Agent Cooper is off the hook, doesn't mean this investigation is over. Far from it. A detective finds physical proof that ties Elizbeth to Eugene's death, so expect things to heat up next week!

And now for some burning questions....

1. Someone needs to explain what Tom is doing, because right now his job seems to entail taking shots, firing shots, and being bald.

2. Surely Elizabeth won't be found guilty of murder, right? Will Tom come home and exonerate her?

3. We now know that Red hired Tom to marry Elizabeth. The question that remains? Why?