Morena Baccarin
Press releases are so early '00s, y'all. Making announcements on social media are where it's at these days. The latest reveal is Morena Baccarin's role as Vanessa in "Deadpool," which can be gleaned from the pic she tweeted Thursday evening of her director's chair with her name and her character's name across the back.

The comic's creator Rob Liefeld posted a similar photo with the comment, "From Morena Baccarin/Vanessa 'Let's do this!' #Deadpool 1st appearance Vanessa is New Mutants #98." As comic book fans have pointed out, this is a reference to the first time Vanessa Carlysle appeared in the series; Vanessa is a mutant with shape-shifting powers known as Copycat, as well as Deadpool's love interest.

Ryan Reynolds posted a similar snap Thursday evening as well. T.J. Miller beat them both to the punch by tweeting a pic from the Vancouver set on Wednesday, along with the text "Weasel in the house." Look like this chimichanga stand is open for business!

[Via ComingSoon]