SNL, Bambi, Dwayne Johnson
Disney's recent trend of turning its animated classics into live-action flicks took a dark turn on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, with the show re-imagining forest fable "Bambi" as a kickass action movie starring Dwayne Johnson and his "Furious 7" castmates.

Johnson, who hosted "SNL" for the fourth time, starred as the titular baby deer, whose image was remade as a cigar-chomping vigilante with an axe to grind against the hunters who murdered his mother. Johnson sports giant ears, wispy hair, and a painted nose to bring the character to life -- and a whole lot of guns.

But the true star of the sketch may be Taran Killam, who plays Vin Diesel as Thumper in a demented, mumble-tastic performance that's eerily similar to the real actor's stilted delivery. His cockeyed ears help complete the hilarious look.

Check out the clip -- and watch out for the excellent "Deer X-ing" sight gag and Jay Pharoah's Ludacris impression -- below.

[via: Saturday Night Live]

Photo credit: YouTube