Groundhog Day

We know Bill Murray is great at karaoke, but how does he feel about Broadway?

As previously reported, Murray's beloved comedy "Groundhog Day" is getting a musical makeover. It's been officially announced that the show will open on March 9, 2017, thanks to producer Scott Rudin, director Matthew Warchus, and musician Tim Minchin. Minchin and Warchus previously worked together on the Tony Award-winning musical "Matilda," based on Roald Dahl's novel.

Bill Murray star alongside Andie MacDowell in the 1993 comedy about a guy who's forced to relive Groundhog Day until he gets his life together. It's still a popular movie after all these years - perhaps even more so since it came out. "Groundhog Day" was even one of several films featured in MoMA's "The Hidden God: Film and Faith" series in 2003. The late director and co-writer Harold Ramis told the "New York Times," "At first I would get mail saying, 'Oh, you must be a Christian, because the movie so beautifully expresses Christian belief... Then rabbis started calling from all over, saying they were preaching the film as their next sermon. And the Buddhists! Well, I knew they loved it, because my mother-in-law has lived in a Buddhist meditation center for 30 years and my wife lived there for 5 years."

No stars for "Groundhog Day" have yet been announced. In the meantime, you can stream the movie on Netflix.

[Via LA Times]