Rex Manning, Empire Records

It's not just "Lost" Day: Today, April 8, is also Rex Manning Day, the fictional holiday that has sprung up around 1990s cult classic "Empire Records," which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

One of the main subplots of the flick, which takes place at the titular record store on the date in question (eagle-eyed viewers can spot the date on a poster on the door), centers around an appearance by onetime teen idol Rex Manning (played by Maxwell Caulfield), an aging lothario who's deluded himself into thinking his music is still relevant -- and has the ego and overly-coiffed hair to prove it. He shows up to Empire for a signing, treats everyone like dirt, and ends up scaring off Liv Tyler's character by being a total skeezeball.

But Manning's bad manners were comedy gold, and other characters' interactions with him and their preparation for his arrival drive many of the best moments of the movie. Mark (played by Ethan Embry, who was going by the name Ethan Randall at the time) is especially excited about Manning's arrival, dreamily declaring during a tense moment, "We musn't dwell. No, not today. We can't! Not on Rex Manning Day!"

So, Happy Rex Manning Day, fellow "Empire Records Fans." Celebrate by watching this supercut of Rex's best moments from the flick, or maybe listen to his comeback song, "Say No More (Mon Amour)," a few times as you glue quarters to the floor.

[via: The A.V. Club]

Photo credit: YouTube