Game of ThronesNo offense to the little lord, but when we run through the many, many characters of "Game of Thrones" and imagine who might be sitting on the Iron Throne at the very end, we don't usually include Bran Stark. Our dream team is Dany, Jon, and Tyrion aligning House Targaryen, House Stark, and House Lannister to kick butt, take names, and look pretty darn fly in the process.

But Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) just talked to Entertainment Weekly radio, and brought up the idea of Jaime and Bran possibly crossing paths again someday, after that not-so-nice push out the window. Not only does Nikolaj hope they meet again, he suspects Bran might end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms:

When people ask you, 'Who do you think will end up on the throne,' I always think of Bran. Because I think if you go back to Episode 1, there's just something about him, and what's happening to him, he's such a wise kid and you know that he's connected on a whole different level. Obviously he's going to play a major part in the end game. And yes, that would be interesting for them to meet again. Let's hope that he doesn't hold grudges."

Bran (who won't even be in the upcoming Season 5) has a right to hold a grudge against Jaime, but what do you think about the idea of Bran on the throne? We can definitely see the magically empowered Stark young'un having a major part in the end game, and maybe in helping Jon connect with his past, but sitting on the Iron Throne? Hmm...