They may share the same face, but the clones of "Orphan Black" are very much unique individuals. When the BBC America drama returns for its third season this Saturday, we'll have met 10 female clones (with a few dead off-screen). They range from a sensitive scientist to an uptight housewife to a sweets-loving psychopath.

One thing they all have in common, aside from that Tatiana Maslany's face, is a determined curiosity about their origins. They'll find out more about that, as well as their "other halves" - the male clones, who include Prolethean Mark and wild animal Rudy. How the female and male clones relate to each other and how they fit into a bigger conspiracy are the questions that lie at the heart of season 3.

And we have a feeling that "Orphan Black" isn't done introducing even more female clones. Wonder how they'll fit in with their sisters? Here's our definitive ranking of the ones we know so far -- from least to most awesome.