Bored with "Game of Thrones" Season 5's first two episodes? You know nothing! For the record, we're loving Season 5 so far, but we've noticed the comments out there from fans impatient for a little less conversation and a little more action.

One of those fans wrote to E! News, complaining that GoT has "been slow" in the first two episodes, asking if the action is going to pick up soon. E! asked Kit Harington (Jon Snow) for an action answer, and he told them, "There is one really big battle coming up. There is one really epic battle. There's some other good fights and some good action, too, towards the end of the season. It's definitely one to watch."

Try not to focus on that "towards the end of the season" part, since that's not the only time when there will be blood. But it's a good note to keep in mind and pass along to any action-thirsty friends. Will Jon Snow be part of that "epic battle"? Go ahead and re-watch Season 5's trailer below if you want more hints to the big action ahead. There is a certain scene where Jon (now Lord Commander Snow) shouts "With me!" so ... that's a yes on Jon being part of a battle.